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Tripartite transaction rating

The Wizards, Celtics, and Grizzlies have reached a tripartite deal, specifically as follows: the Celtics have received: Polzingis, the 25th signing this year (from the Grizzlies), and the first round signing next year (from the Grizzlies, originally belonging to the Warriors); Wizards have won: Teas Jones, the 35th signing of this year (from the Celtics), Gallinari, Muscala; Grizzlies get: Smart. The Athletic immediately gave a rating, and the Green Army became the biggest winner, receiving a high score of A. The Grizzlies received a rating of “B” for their Stuart, while the Wizards became the biggest loser, with only a rating of “C.

Green Army Harvest Bojin+Two First Round, Rating A

The Green Army is expected to renew their contract with Borzingis, who has great potential in the front court. This center forward is tall, with a long arm span, very flexible, and excellent technical skills. Looking at his data from 82 games with the Wizards, he averaged 22.9 points, 8.5 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.5 blocks per game, and had a shooting average of 49.3%, 38.2%, and 85.5% in all three categories. His shooting percentage is very good, and he has become a reliable rebounder with a certain level of basket protection performance.

His inclusion means that 37 year old Hofford may reduce his playing time or play alongside Borussia Borzinggis during Rowe’s injury. They can also have Polzingis play as a substitute, so the substitute lineup made up of him and Brogden is too strong.

The Green Army has multiple options, and the only concern is his health. Polzingis has missed 95 games in 4 seasons, even if he is only on a one-year lease for the Green Army, it is still valuable. The Green Army also won two good first rounds.

Grizzlies acquire Smart with a score of B

Morant will be suspended for 25 games. Although Jones has left and Dillon is not expected to return, the Grizzlies have received a good promotion. Smart’s defensive role is too great, and when Morant returns, the backcourt formed by the two of them will be highly anticipated.

Smart is also a reliable attacking choice, he can play pick and roll, and whether Morant is present or not, Smart is very suitable for the Grizzlies’ system. Although it’s painful for the Grizzlies to give up on the first round and Jones, getting Smart gives them a chance to become more stable. Smart’s contract still has three years left, and the Grizzlies don’t have to worry about losing him soon. In order to get Smart, the Grizzlies have put in a lot of effort, but it’s worth it.

The Wizards received chips such as Jones, with a score of C

The return of the Wizards’ transaction of Bill has been madly roast, and now they have made another transaction whose return is lower than the average level. Jones is considered the best substitute point guard and an interesting choice, but the Wizards did not receive a first round signing. For Jones personally, this is a good opportunity as he can become the starting point guard with more assists and fewer mistakes.

However, Jones’ weakness is also evident, as he is too short and his defensive physique cannot be compensated for. He has one year left on his contract and will soon become a Free agent. The fact that the Wizards traded two of their best players without receiving a first round return is confusing. If Jones leaves next summer, it would be a worse deal for the Wizards.

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