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Paul’s Potential Next List Exposed: Up to 12 Teams of Lake Boats on the List: He Dreams of Joining the Lakers and Joining Chien Wong

Subsequent updates on Paul’s layoff have revealed that Shams revealed Paul’s potential departure. Major league teams are interested in Paul, with teams such as the Lakers, Clippers, Greens, and The Lone Rangers among them. Many celebrities hope that Paul will join the Lakers and team up with James.

Which teams are Paul’s potential successors? Shams said: If Paul is dismissed and becomes a Free agent, the list of teams that want to get him is very long. The Lakers, Clippers, Celtics, Philadelphia (if Harden leaves), Bulls, Timberwolves, Grizzlies (depending on Morant’s suspension), and Rangers (if Owen leaves) will all benefit from signing a ‘discounted’ CP3.

Shams also stated that the Pistons, Magic, Jazz, and Spurs have many young players who are expected to struggle next season. CP3 can help teach young players how to win. Perhaps the Jazz and Spurs may not have such a lot of fun, but think about the scene of Wen Ban Yama playing football next to Paul.

If Paul really gets fired by the Suns, I think he will go to the Lakers or the Clippers, “said the legend Windhorse. Both point guards Russell and Weishao of the two teams will be Free agent this summer.

According to previous reports, the Sun will trade, postpone Paul’s salary payment, or sign a new contract with Paul after being laid off. It is expected that Paul will be laid off by the Sun and $15.8 million will be divided into 5 years of payment.

Famous mouth Shannon Sharp (a friend of James) said: Le Blanc said he wanted to play with Chris Paul, that’s it. You’ve got a real Point guard who can attack. I like their cooperation.

Richard Jefferson stated that Eton’s departure from the team was a foregone conclusion, while celebrity Parkinson’s stated that Paul’s move to the Lakers would shake the league.

Famous mouth Skip Belleuse said: If I were the Lakers, when Paul entered the Free agent market, I would go all out to fight for him.

The anonymous general manager of the Eastern Conference revealed that Paul has always dreamed of becoming a Lakers player and playing with James.

In 2011, Paul almost joined the Lakers. If it weren’t for the unilateral veto of the deal by then league president David Stern, Paul would have worn the Lakers jersey long ago; Now that Paul is expected to be fired by the Suns, the Lakers have another chance.

Spokesperson Colin Cowerd suggested that the Suns and Celtics make a deal, with Paul and Smart swapping teams.

According to NBA Central, celebrity Ramona Shelburn has stated that Harden may join the Suns, and they have been in contact for the past month.

Sean Deveney, a top Eastern executive, stated that the Suns are freeing up salary space to see if there is a way to get Lillard. The Suns want to see what they can exchange for Aton. There may be many things happening to the Suns this summer.

Will solar energy attract Harden or Lilad? According to previous reports, Harden will listen to the opinions of both the 76ers and the Rockets, as well as his vision for the future, and is struggling to stay in Philadelphia or return to the Rockets.

Lillard has repeatedly signaled the possibility of leaving the team, but his contract is large and it is almost impossible for Lillard to make a deal. Over the next four years, Lillard’s total contract amount is 216 million US dollars.

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