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Miami International won the team’s first ever championship with 11-10 penalty kicks!

At 9:13 on August 20th, in the final of the North American League Cup, Miami International defeated Nashville with an aggregate score of 11-10 after a penalty shootout, winning the team’s first ever championship! Messi broke the world wave record and hit the post from a distance, but unfortunately, Karen had an own goal.

1. Miami International was established in 2018 and joined the American Professional League in 2020. They have never won any championship before, so this is their team’s first championship in history, and they will directly advance to the round of 16 of next year’s Champions League in Central America and the Caribbean.

Messi scored in 7 consecutive games, scoring 10 goals, winning Miami’s first and 44th career championships, becoming the player with the highest number of championships in history, and also winning the Golden Boot Award in the North American League Cup.

3. The Nashville boss and NBA star Alphabet arrived at the scene and scored an empty shot before the game. After scoring, they made Cristiano Ronaldo’s siuu celebration move. Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon also came to the scene.

In the 13th minute, Moore’s right foot long-range shot missed outside the penalty area.

In the 18th minute, Nashville threw a powerful out of bounds ball into the penalty area, and Zimmerman headed the goal too far.

In the 21st minute, Alba scored the ball and Taylor’s right foot long-range shot outside the penalty area was saved.

In the 23rd minute, Messi broke away from the top of the arc and fired a long-range shot from his left foot into the world wave, 1-0! Miami International takes the lead.

In the 40th minute, Muketa’s left corner kick was passed and turned towards the goal, where he was double punched by Karrend.

In the 50th minute, Alba passed the ball in an inverted triangle on the left side of the penalty area, and Martinez followed up with a powerful shot from his left foot, which was blocked.

In the 54th minute, Godoy slipped and kicked Busquets, receiving a yellow card.

In the 57th minute, Mukhtar passed a corner kick from the left side, and Suriji headed the ball backwards. Fafa headed the ball towards the top, and Kremasky blocked the goal line, bouncing onto Karen’s leg and entering the net, 1-1! Nashville equalized.

In the 63rd minute, Messi took a long-range left footed free kick and hit the goal high.

In the 71st minute, Busquets went straight, Messi’s left foot long-range shot from the top of the arc, the ball hit the post and popped out!

In the 77th minute, Muketa counterattacked the center shot, and Suriji’s right foot push shot was saved from the penalty area. Muketa followed up with a missed shot.

In the 84th minute, Muketa’s right footed free kick slightly missed the goal.

In the 93rd minute, Kannapa single shot past the goalkeeper and shot an empty goal, hitting the outside of the post and popping out! Messi hugged her head in both hands, unbelievable.

The deadline is over, the two teams shake hands 1-1 and make a draw. There will be no extra time and they will enter a penalty shootout!

The first penalty, Messi’s left foot pushed into the net, Mukhtar’s right foot volleyed into the goal, 2-2! The second penalty, Busquets scored with his right foot, Rial shot with his right foot but was saved by Karrend, 3-2!

The third penalty, Campana’s left foot in, Godoi’s left foot in, 4-3! The fourth penalty, Miller’s left foot in, Zimmerman in, 5-4! The fifth penalty, Uloa’s right foot shot was saved, Suriji’s right foot entered, 5-5!

The sixth penalty, Clevesov’s right foot in, Moore’s right foot in, 6-6! The seventh penalty, Alba left foot in, Lowitz left foot in, 7-7! The eighth penalty, Gomez in, McNaughton in, 8-8! Ninth penalty, Ruiz in, Davis in, 9-9!

The 10th penalty, Yeldrin in, Schafelberg in, 10-10! The 11th penalty shootout will be a goalkeeper duel, with Karrend in and Panico saved, 11-10!

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