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Messi 2 assists+misses must score!

In the 2023 season, Miami International will face Los Angeles FC at the Bank of California Stadium. In the 11th minute, Fakundo Farias scored the first goal for Miami International, and in the 38th minute, Los Angeles goalkeeper McCarthy blocked Messi from scoring. In the 52nd minute, Messi assisted Alba in scoring. In the 82nd minute, Messi assisted Campana in scoring. In the 90th minute, Hollingshead pulled back one goal. In the end, Miami International defeated Los Angeles FC 3-1.

1. Prince Harry, “Sweetheart” Selena Gomez, and renowned actor Edward Norton all went to the scene to watch the battle.

2. Since May 2022, Messi has played at least one goal in 23 of his 26 away games.

3. Fakundo Farias scored his first goal in the American Professional League.

In the 11th minute, Chiellini passed with his left foot straight, penetrating the Miami international defense. Gonzalez hit the goal with a single shot, and Karen De was miraculously blocked.

In the 14th minute, Aviles ran straight into the right side of the penalty area, and Fakundo Farias fell to the ground to shovel a shot. The ball hit the inside of the post and bounced into the net, giving Miami International a 1-0 lead.

In the 17th minute, Kremasky made a mistake in receiving the ball, causing Gonzalez to push forward, while Buanga dribbled the ball to form a single shot and deflected a shot from the far post.

In the 38th minute, Messi turned around to score the ball, Gomez tapped towards the center, Messi feigned a move to pass Aaron Lang and volleyed with his left foot, making a brilliant save by McCarthy. Selena Gomez on the stands widened her eyes and opened her mouth, expressing disbelief!

In the 52nd minute, Busquets crossed horizontally, Messi directly blocked the left side of the penalty area, Alba quickly inserted, and a single shot broke the net, giving Miami International a 2-0 lead.

In the 82nd minute, Allen passed the ball from the left, but the home team defender made a clearance mistake. Messi dribbled the ball straight to the goal and selflessly distributed it to his teammate Campana, who scored with his left foot.

In the 90th minute, Bella took a right corner kick and Hollingshead headed the ball into the goal from the front.

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