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It’s hard to say goodbye. Ferguson, Buffy, Maguire, and others wish Jones well

Manchester United defender Phil Jones will leave the Red Devils after his contract expires, and Sir Alex Ferguson and others have expressed their blessings to him.


Sir Alex Ferguson:


I would like to thank you for your great efforts during your 12 years at the Red Devils. When you were a child, I signed you from Blackburn and your performance was excellent. Good luck, thank you for all your contributions to the club, and everything goes smoothly in the future


B fee:


Jones is really a great person. He has gone through a lot during his years at Manchester United. He has those qualities, calm and great, even during those difficult times. I believe he deserves not only the respect of Manchester United fans, but also the respect of any fan




I am fortunate to have known him for a long time. When I returned here, we had a long time together and he was a good teammate. Injuries are always difficult, but you cannot deprive him of the contribution he has brought to Manchester United and the achievements he has achieved. When you leave a place where you have been staying for a long time, it is a challenge, and we all wish him all the best and always support him. We hope to hear from him soon




I have a lot of memories with him. We have been sharing the locker room for 6 years. Jones is always positive, hardworking, and has always been a popular figure in the locker room. He likes to joke and make everyone happy, and of course we miss him. Although he always encounters setbacks, he always starts again, which shows his determination and strength. He has been working hard and fighting




Jones is a great member of the club. He has played many important games and won trophies, and we will miss him. Everyone deserves how much he has contributed to the team. In the gym, he is the person who raised the bar and a true professional player. When we chat with him, he becomes a hardcore fan. He has been at Manchester United for many years, and he is very important to the team. You can see that game against Wolves. Injuries are cruel, people say it’s a part of football, but it’s really unfortunate for Jones. He made every effort and tried a lot, but unfortunately, it backfired. Although we don’t know what his future is yet, we wish him all the best




He is a good person. When I joined the first team, he was one of the people I sought advice from and helped me with many things. We had a great time together, and although the outside world didn’t see this on the field, he was really great. No matter what the future holds, we all wish him well




At first, he couldn’t help me because he always kicked me during training No, he is a great person who always communicates with you and gives you advice. When you come to the dressing room of a big club, you really need someone like Jones, which is why so many young Manchester United players have entered the first team. He has a very tenacious spirit, and being unable to participate is a bad feeling. His luck is always not good, but whenever he plays, he often becomes the best player. He is 100% loyal to this jersey and has always been so. For the future, I wish him all the best

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