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Inside information on Harden’s application to leave the team

On August 6th, Mingji revealed that Harden had executed the player option and applied to leave the team, revealing that Harden had refused a two-year contract with the 76ers that included the team option, and his relationship with Philadelphia executives had broken down; Harden’s contract execution is the only way he can apply to join the Clippers, and Mingji bluntly stated that the 76ers do not have the ability to win the championship, and in the future, Enbid may leave the team.

Michael Scotto revealed that some members of the 76ers were a bit surprised by Harden’s choice of executing player options; The 76ers have considered offering Harden a two-year contract that includes team options, but this short-term commitment is not attractive to Harden. After Harden implemented the player option, according to the labor agreement, both parties were unable to renew the contract in advance.

Michael Scotto also stated that Harden wanted to go to the Clippers but still chose to execute the player option because the Clippers had exceeded their salary cap, which was the only way he could join the Clippers and still receive money.

Scotto also stated that the relationship between Harden and the 76 person management has broken down and the two sides have not been in contact for some time.

This summer, the 76ers refused to offer Harden a top salary contract of $210 million for four years, and a two-year short contract was rejected by Harden. In the end, Harden decided to execute the player option of $35.6 million for the final year and made a request to leave the team. Even though Enbid hoped for his return, Harden still insisted on leaving the team; Previously, Harden deleted the profiles of 76 players on social media and did not attend Enbid’s wedding.

Keith Pompey, a journalist accompanying the 76ers, reported that both the 76ers and the Clippers are not in a hurry because Harden currently does not have a trading market and the Clippers do not want to board more assets in such a situation.

Scotto reported that in addition to the Clippers, the Knicks and other teams are interested in Harden. If Harden is traded, it will be difficult for the 76 people to reach the height of last season. They will try to maximize the salary space of next year’s off-season and try to introduce another star player beside Enbid and Maksi.

Scotto also stated that the current 76ers are not contenders for the championship. George Nean, Milton, and others have left the team, and Harrell is expected to end the season. The strength of the Philadelphia lineup has declined, while Harden wants to win the championship by playing alongside Carragher and George and advancing to the championship.

According to previous reports, the Clippers only wanted to trade for Harden with an expired contract and refused to send off Mann and draft rights. Such a quotation could not impress the 76ers, and Philadelphia wanted to trade Harden for high-quality players or multiple draft rights to help the team win the championship; Tucker has already appeared in the trade negotiations between the 76ers and the Clippers. The Clippers want Tucker’s defensive ability, as he can defend multiple positions and top scorers in the league.

So far, the transaction between 76 people and the Clippers regarding Harden has stalled, and in the future, Tucker and Harden may be sent to the Clippers together.

Scotto said that since the 76ers are focusing on the off-season next year, they have no intention of renewing their contract with Maksi in advance this year. Maybe the Harden deal will lead to a change in time, but for Maksi, he is unlikely to accept an early contract renewal below the top salary.

Pompey said that Philadelphia would not renew Maksi’s contract at present. Even if Harden left the team, he would become the Playmaker of the team, and the 76 people’s position on contract renewal would not change.

In the 2022-23 regular season, Maksi averaged 20.3 points, 2.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game; If Maksi and the 76ers renew their big contracts next summer, Maksi and Enbid will become the cornerstone of the team for a long time in the future.

76er team reporter Keith Pompey talked about the possibility of Enbid leaving the team and said, “Yes, I can foresee this possibility. For him, everything depends on how things (Harden trade) develop; if you really think that Enbid is not paying attention to what is happening like everyone else, then you are too naive“

A few days ago, Enbide’s statement about the championship was, I think, a statement to the 76ers’ management. I think Enbide wants to stay with the 76ers and end his career here. But at the same time, everyone wants to win the championship, and of course, he wants to go somewhere that can win it

Keith Pompey said that Haden’s departure would affect the future of Enbid. He also said that teams such as the Warriors and Bucks were all around the leading players to strengthen their lineups. The 76ers did nothing in the Free agent market this summer, which may also affect the future of Enbid.

Scotto stated that if Harden were traded, the 76ers would be even worse, and perhaps the new season would be a transitional period for Enbide to decide the future. The entire league is paying attention to the situation in Philadelphia, and the Knicks has always wanted to pursue an All Star.

Enbide is 29 years old and has played for the 76ers for 7 seasons, with only leading the team to the semi-finals of the division; At present, he has 4 years left on his contract with the 76ers for $196 million, with the final year being a player option.

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