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Central North America League cup: Miami International is in the top 16 3-1!

At 9:35 on August 3, the 1/16 final of the China North America League cup, Miami International defeated Orlando City 3-1 and reached the top 16! Messi scored twice, scoring a total of 5 goals in 3 consecutive games. After scoring, he celebrated and imitated the Marvel Panthers. Martinez contributed to the passing and shooting. Miami International’s opponent in the 1/8 finals will be Dallas, also from the American Professional League.

1. Messi scored two goals in a row, scoring three goals in a row and scoring a total of five goals, tying for 10th place on the Miami International team’s history scorer list with five goals! The top scorer in team history is Higuain, scoring 29 goals.

In the 21st minute, Messi retaliated against his opponent and received his first yellow card in Miami’s international career. In addition, he hit a post and almost scored a hat trick. In the second half, when Miami International received a penalty, he didn’t rush for it and let his teammates take it, demonstrating his demeanor and unity.

3. Alba came on as a substitute in the second half, making his Miami international career debut, partnering with Messi and Busquets again, and the “Brazil Connection” reappeared.

In the 7th minute, Allen cut on the left and sent a pick pass. Messi stopped the ball from the center of the penalty area and volleyed with his left foot in one go. The ball hit the net, 1-0! Miami International takes the lead. After scoring, Messi made a new celebratory gesture, paying tribute to the Black Panthers.

In the 14th minute, Yedrin passed horizontally and Martinez shot high with his left foot from afar outside the penalty area.

In the 17th minute, Orlando scored a tactical corner kick, and Angolo’s left and right footed shot from the penalty area was saved. Araujo’s right footed volley entered the net, 1-1!

In the 19th minute, Messi broke through, and Catanah handball was fouled. Messi wanted to serve a free kick quickly and had a physical conflict with Catanah.

In the 21st minute, Messi kicked Katanah behind his back when he fought for the first yellow card since he joined.

In the 32nd minute, Martinez played the ball, Messi adjusted the penalty area and then took a left footed shot. The ball hit the post and popped out!

In the 45th minute, Messi took a free kick from his left foot and shot it directly, which was pulled off the crossbar by the opposing goalkeeper.

In the 45th+2nd minute, Messi turned around and dribbled through, but was pulled by the opposing player, signaling that the referee had a yellow card. Smith received a yellow card.

In the 50th minute, Martinez was knocked down in the penalty area, penalty kick! Messi did not take the penalty, Martinez personally took the right kick and scored 2-1!

In the 57th minute, Messi stopped the ball and collided with Pereira, who was booked.

In the 64th minute, Alba came on as a substitute and made his debut.

In the 72nd minute, Messi scored the ball, Taylor passed from the left side of the penalty area, Martinez picked up the ball, Messi volleyed a second from the center of the penalty area with his right foot, scoring 3-1!

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