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Bronny was officially discharged and returned home

On July 28th, the James family received good news. After experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, Brownie was officially discharged and returned home. The hospital manager revealed more details. Brownie was completely conscious and had intact nerves upon admission; James took a group photo of a family of five and tweeted his gratitude.

On July 25th, Brownie encountered an unexpected cardiac arrest while training at the University of Southern California. Medical staff from the University of Southern California provided emergency rescue and took him to the hospital. During the medical treatment, Brownie lost consciousness and was admitted to the intensive care unit; However, Brownie quickly regained consciousness and got out of danger.

After Brownie was hospitalized for cardiac arrest, James rushed to the hospital as soon as possible to accompany his child.

On July 26th, NBA stars prayed for Brownie, and American media reported that Brownie’s condition was good. The James and his wife finally breathed a sigh of relief.

On July 27th, Mingji Shams reported that Brownie’s condition was completely stable and he felt good. Medical experts said Brownie is expected to be discharged soon.

On July 28th, Brownie was officially allowed to leave the hospital and return home.

After encountering a sudden cardiac arrest accident, Brownie was hospitalized urgently and discharged three days later. Brownie’s statement from Merije Chukumerije, the head of Cedars Sinai Medical Center:

Thanks to the rapid and efficient response of the sports medical team at Southern University, Brownie James’ sudden cardiac arrest was successfully treated. When he was sent to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, he was fully conscious, with his nervous system intact and in a stable state. During his stay, Brownie received proper care from professionally trained medical staff and has now returned home to rest. Although his examination will continue Okay, but we are full of hope for his continued progress and are encouraged by his reaction, resilience, and the support provided by his family and community

The person in charge of the hospital stated that Brownie was completely conscious upon admission and his nervous system was intact. After receiving treatment, he was allowed to be discharged and had returned home to rest.

Today, James tweeted his gratitude to everyone, saying, ‘I would like to express my gratitude to countless people who have sent warm blessings to my family. We have received your love and are very grateful for your concern.’. We are now a family together, safe and healthy, and we feel your love. After we have sorted it out, we will reveal more details to everyone, but I would like to tell you first that your support for us is of great significance to us# The James family

The Lakers officially forwarded James’ tweet and wrote: ‘All love is dedicated to James’ family.’.

James also took a group photo of a family of five on INS to express his gratitude again; This group photo was taken after James received the ESPY Record Breaking Award of the Year.

At present, the cause of Brownie’s sudden cardiac arrest has not been exposed, and it is uncertain whether he can continue to play in the future. However, Brownie’s health is the most important. The James couple only care about Brownie’s health now, and even if Brownie can no longer play, they are willing to let it go.

Brownie went home for treatment, and American media reported that James may miss the early stages of the Lakers’ new season training camp. Brownie’s condition may affect James and his son playing together in the NBA.

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