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Bayern Munich’s 4-0 victory over Bremen

After countless negotiations, Bayern finally won Kane for 120 million euros, but the start of the South King was extremely bad. The German Super Cup suffered a 0-3 defeat at RB Leipzig, and Tuhel’s coaching ability was once again questioned. After a few days of rest, the opening game of the new season of the Bundesliga kicked off, and Bayern Munich came to play away against Bremen. In this game, Kane did not disappoint expectations. He made his debut in the Bundesliga by passing and shooting, while Sane scored twice. Bayern Munich easily defeated their opponents 4-0, achieving a bottom rebound. Tuhel also temporarily quelled the controversy after class.

Compared to the previous game, Tuhel replaced 5 starters, Kane played as a single arrow, Mushala, Koman, and Sane played as three centers, Gretzka and Kimmich continued to play as double midfielders, with Alfonso Davidson, Jin Wenzai, Yu Pamekano, and Mazlavi in the defense line from left to right, and the goalkeeper remained Ulreich.

In just 4 minutes of the opening game, Kane demonstrated his value. The English superstar withdrew to midfield, sent a brilliant pass from behind, Sane drove straight into the single goal and scored well. Bayern Munich achieved a dream start, 1-0!

Just 5 minutes later, Dukesch hit a free kick and Phil Kruger headed the ball into the net. However, the referee signaled offside and Bayern managed to escape the blow.

In the 20th minute, Bayern made an article from the left side, Koeman knocked horizontally at the front of the penalty area, Mazlavi shot fiercely outside the penalty area, wiping the column out of bounds. Despite Kane’s debut in the Bundesliga, he provided assists. Obviously, his understanding with his teammates was not good enough, and for more than 20 minutes afterwards, he couldn’t get the support of his teammates. Bayern also returned to their old ways, surrounded by wild attacks but the effect was not good. In the first half, Bayern took a 1-0 lead temporarily.

Back in the second half, Bayern Munich had a comprehensive advantage, with one wave after another of attacks. In the 57th minute, Koeman took the ball from the left, cut in, and then took a powerful shot. The ball hit the post and popped out. In the 66th minute, the left side of Koeman’s penalty area was knocked back in a triangle, and Kimi Xi caught up with the ball and shot low, deviating from the right post.

In the 74th minute, the eagerly anticipated scene finally arrived: Alfonso Davis ran on the left side of the highway and found Kane with a diagonal thrust. Kane did not disappoint his teammates’ trust, calmly pushed and scored, and Bayern secured a 2-0 victory.

Kane opened his arms and swung his fists into the air. Bayern Munich’s generals were smiling, and Tuchel on the coaching bench breathed a sigh of relief. In the 84th minute, Kane appeared to be injured, and Tuhel replaced three people in a row. Ter, Shubo Morting, and Muller came on as substitutes.

In addition to one goal and one assist, Kane scored 6 goals and 3 goals in the entire game, creating 1 scoring opportunity. He only lost the ball in 8 out of 34 touches, made 2 fouls, and cleared 2 times. The post game score was 8.9! Fans lament that this is a high-end product, and the 100 million euros were not wasted.

In the 91st minute, Shubo Morting scored the ball, Mueller followed with a horizontal strike, and Sane wrapped around and pushed to secure the victory.

In the 94th minute, Alfonso Davis knocked back, and Ter’s left side of the penalty area sliced and blasted into the near corner, setting the score at 4-0!

Bayern Munich made a good start to the Bundesliga and achieved a 4-game winning streak against Bremen, moving towards a 12th consecutive league championship.

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