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Ancelotti: Maintaining a good feeling is important for Wednesday, and the replacement of Mendy is just a preventive measure

After defeating Getafe 1-0, Real Madrid coach Ancelotti stated that maintaining a good feeling is crucial for Wednesday’s game.


How to motivate the team?


Ancelotti: “Preparing for these games is not that simple. Although the first half was not very intense, the players were very professional. We made progress in the second half and became a serious team, which is important for Wednesday. We need to maintain a good feeling



Ancelotti: “They have improved the strength and intensity of the team, they are great, which is why they always get game time. There is also good news for Mendy’s recovery, he has made a comeback after a serious injury, he performed well in the first half, and we have everyone on Wednesday


About Mendy being replaced


Ancelotti: “It’s just a preventive measure. We’re considering giving him 45 minutes because he only trained twice, but it’s clear he’s fine and can play on Wednesday


Ancelotti: “He’s great, he and Nacho are a very reliable pair. We’re talking about a player who is very important to us, just like Ludige against Manchester City


Ancelotti: “He twisted his knee, but it was just a collision. Tomorrow he will rest, and I hope he can train with the team on Monday. I believe he will recover soon, he has no problems, his knee is stable, and now he is a bit troubled. There is a small problem on the inside of his knee, but it is not serious


About Adventure


Ancelotti: “This job always requires taking risks. What can I do? I have formed a competitive team so that no one complains about playing time. This is a competitive team, and we maintain our energy. Tired players like Benzema or Alaba are not playing, and we can all play on Wednesday, which is a good sign


We have a very high-level medical team and a team of physical coaches, everyone contributing to this time of the season. We have very serious and professional players, and we have encountered problems, but they have been well resolved. Our organization is at a very high level


About playing against Manchester City


Ancelotti: “Without a doubt, everything is clear. Tomorrow we will see the situation. We are confident that we have many resources on the bench and can contribute. Last year, our depth of lineup helped us win the Champions League championship


Regarding Guardiola’s complaint about the lack of pre match recovery time


Ancelotti: We have discussed this many times. Before the first leg, we had less than 72 hours of rest. Now it’s their turn, and I don’t think the schedule is suitable. I don’t have anything to add. For us and Manchester City, there are too many matches, and Guardiola is right. The best thing for them is Saturday’s game. I don’t know why, in fact, all the coaches are complaining about the schedule, and some people will have to do it in the future Something


About Mendi and Azar


Ancelotti: “It’s obvious that both of them lack some rhythm. Mendy played for 45 minutes after a serious injury, and he can continue, but I prefer to replace him. Azar is also in the same situation. For a player who doesn’t have much playing time, 60 minutes is enough, and he has already made a contribution to the team


What did you say to Potalas after the game?


Ancelotti: “I wish him good luck at the end of the season, they face important challenges, and I wish him all the best


Will Ludige rest on Wednesday?


Ancelotti: “He’s tired, I’ve given him a break so he can maintain his energy on Wednesday. I’ll let him play, but I don’t know how long he’ll be playing

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